Spartan Coach Specialty Certifications
What is Spartan SGX certification ?


What is Spartan SGX training?

👉 A face-to-face or online training course reserved for sports professionals, to obtain the official Coach Spartan SGX certification.

👉 This diploma is equivalent to Crossfit Level 1 certification, but here it's 100% adapted to obstacle racing.

👉 Face-to-face training takes place over 2 days with theory, practice, physical tests, exercises to learn pedagogy and coaching. They take place approximately once a year. The date of the next session in France is not yet known.

👉 In the online version, you can find the different certifications detailed below.

Building Better Humans

SPARTAN TRAINING® is built on unconventional work. Our training system is engineered to expose limits, destroy weakness and leave personal bests in the dust.

The core foundation lies in running, bodyweight movements and functional strength training, blending ancient Spartan wisdom with modern science to give you unparalleled results.

Our coaches

Our coach finders features a diverse set of fitness experts all around the world.

Whether you’re aiming for 100% obstacle completion, cross-training for a trail run or just want to move your body, their is a Spartan coach for you!

France Based Coaches
U.S. Based Coaches
INTL. Based Coaches

SGX level 1

the OCR specific fitness program

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SGX Level 2

obstacle master coach

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ultimate fitness solution

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train with purpose

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Coming Soon
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Build your fitness acumen with SPARTAN TRAINING® Specialty Certifications.

Our fitness education workshops emphasize foundational bodyweight movements and periodized training will benefit all athletes, even if they are not training for a Spartan Race.

See our events calendar below.

Attend a workshop Or complete SGX Lv. 1 Credential


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