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Race Against The Best

Compete in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing to see how you stack up against the world's hardest racers - with Podium & Awards on the line

Two Ways To Race

Racers who want to rank by age and top athletes Take note: in 2024, you'll be testing your limits against the entire competitive field. All races are officiated using Spartan’s official rulebook, with podium awards given to the top 3 overall finishers & the top 3 racers in each age bracket.

*The competitive category includes all age group & elite level Racers


Open racing is for people of all abilities and fitness levels who are looking to test their abilities. The Open category is perfect for first-timers, but after finishing your race you’ll be back for more.

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Compare your finishing places and times to Spartans around the world. Track your progress in series, determine your Championship qualification status, and see how you stack up against people of the same age and gender. There’s even a Trifecta leaderboard.